Analysis ❄

♕ Role - Her place in the movie.
♕ Cryokinesis - Her biggest secret.
♕ Isolation - Living alone.
♕ Change - The cold never bothered her anyway.
♕ Reunited - Can she really go back home?
♕ Love - The power that helps to believe in herself.
♕ Cough, Cough - The Snow Queen gets a cold.
♕ Left or Right? - Observing Elsa's hand movements.
♕ Symbols - From colours to emotions.
♕ Coming to Life - Her appearance in Once Upon A Time.
♕ Mirrors - Characters who are similar to Elsa.
♕ Dearest - The one whom she tries very hard to protect.
♕ Relationships - With whom she has interacted with.
♕ From the Heart - How each scene Elsa appears has affected me.

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