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After watching the movie for the first time, I was very surprised that my interest didn't go to the main heroine (Anna), cause usually when I watch Disney movies, I would automatically like the main heroine. However this time, there was two awesome female leads. And my interest went to Elsa. My heart went out to her since the beginning of the movie. The only wish I had was that she would appear more. Since then, I wanted to make a shrine dedicated to her. She's like the first favorite Disney Heroine/Princess in my list now.

Version two of Conflicted features a screencap of Elsa from the movie which was wonderfully done by the awesome Samantha as a birthday present to me in May 2015. Major infinity thank yous to you, Sam. I love it and will never take it off xoxoxo ♥ Another major infinity thank you goes out to Disney for making this beautiful movie. xoxo

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